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Help your managers and salespeople become excellent!

Effective sales training should be practical – touching on the content world and specific challenges of the team. At Impact, we take it a step further

Our Services

Personal Mentoring

At IMPACT we offer three levels of personal mentoring: For salespeople, an "on the job training" (OJT) and coaching for salesperson. For Sales Managers, we accompany the sales manager through a training process, “train the trainer”. In which the manger learns how to coach his own team. For manager at headquarters, a personal coaching process that puts the manager at the center and helps him reach his full potential.

Building a Sales Language

Every team has an outstanding sales person who, somehow, manages to sell much more. Is it possible to learn from them? Can the rest of the sales team be taught the secret? At IMPACT our answer is - YES! Using our expertise in behavioral analysis, we build a unique sales language based on the effective behaviors of outstanding salespeople and help the organization teach it to the whole team.

Lectures and Workshops

Training salespeople is often seen as one of the most challenging training processes. The facilitator's ability to connect on both a personal and professional level to salespeople is critical to the success of the learning process. We at Impact, bring 15 years of front-end and individual sales training experience. This is our profession!

Itay Tsur

 Industrial and Management Engineer (B.Sc) is a leading lecturer and business instructor in his field specializing in interpersonal communication in complex business processes such as sales, negotiation, presentation, impact an persuasion. Itay specializes in establishing and supporting communities in organizations that create a platform for improving interfaces and peer learning.

Anat Tsur

 Holds a BA in Economics from the Hebrew University and a MBA from Tel Aviv University. Graduate of the Open University Guidance Program. Has extensive experience in guiding sales skills workshops and in-person mentoring of salespeople and sales unit managers.

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